Ski touring

Obertilliach offers ski touring with great panoramas and a view of the village. A popular tour ends half an hour to the west of the peak station of the cable car, at the Golzentipp peak cross. Another interesting option is to climb up via “Gripp” and then descend on the piste.

Safe and fair ski touring

Dear ski tourers!
Even on pistes you are at your own risk. Alpine dangers, especially that of avalanches, are to be assessed at your own responsibility. Emergency equipment must be carried. Ski pistes are primarily for those using the cable cars and lifts. To avoid accidents and conflicts, we kindly request that you observe the following recommendations alongside the FIS code of conduct:

1. Observe warnings and local regulations.

2. The closure of a piste or part of it must be respected. When piste machines are being used – especially with cable winches or in case of exploding avalanches etc. – hazardous situations can occur. Pistes may therefore be closed for the duration of the work for safety reasons.

3.  Only climb at the edge of the piste and one after the other.

4.   Only cross the piste in places with good visibility and with an adequate distance between you.

5.   Only ski on the edges of freshly prepared pistes. Trails frozen hard overnight can severely compromise the quality of the piste.

6.   Leave the pistes by 22.30 or any other time specified by the cable car company.

7.   Ensure you are visible. In case of darkness or poor visibility, use a headlamp, reflective clothing etc.

8.   If there are ascent routes/pistes designated for ski touring then only use these.

9.   Do not take dogs onto the pistes.

10. Use indicated parking spaces and pay any due parking fees.

You can find further information about ski touring here!

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